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What is SAP S/4HANA?

SAP S/4HANA is a future-ready enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with built-in intelligent technologies, including AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics. It transforms business processes with intelligent automation and runs on SAP HANA – a market-leading in-memory database that offers real-time processing speeds and a dramatically simplified data model.

About Appcentric Solutions Inc.

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  • SAP All-Star 2017 H1 Top Partner Revenue-Cloud

Appcentric Solutions Inc., SAP's Top Premier Value Added Partner in the Philippines has been transforming businesses over the past years since it started in various industries all over the world. This company is known for its precision and intelligence in providing the best SAP solutions has managed to maintain a great reputation in delivering the most complex systems with SAP, mobilizing SAP solutions through complementary mobile applications as well as building innovations on top and around SAP.

SAP S/4 HANA Capabilities

Database Services

Take action in the moment by using in-memory database services to process high-speed transactions and analytics. Manage large database volumes using multitenant database containers and dynamic tiering across multi-tier storage.

Advanced Analytics Processing

Gain new insights from advanced analytics processing by leveraging in-memory data processing capabilties – text, predictive, spatial, graph, streaming, and times series – you can get answers to any business questions and make smart decisions in real time.

App Development

Develop next-generation applications that combine analytics and transactions, and deploy them on any device. Take advantage of best-in-class development tools – and deliver personalized experiences with the right data served at the right time for users.

Data Access

Gain a complete and accurate view of your business by accessing data from any source – internal or external. Access data where it’s located, integrate or replicate relevant data into SAP HANA, and ensure data quality to increase confiddence in decision making.


Simplify system administration and IT operations with tools that help you monitor processes, ensure data and application security, and achieve continuous availability. Keep you business running smoothly and effectively – from any device or location.


Keep your communications, data storage, and application services secure with robust identity and access management controls. Rely on best-in-class software security, patching, and encryption – and use a dashboard to monitor all KPIs related to security.

Features and business benefits of SAP S/4 HANA

50% reduction in data footprint
Due to in-memorym columnar database

100 times faster reporting
Allows for resilient, agile decision making

Real-time advanced analytics
Better forecasting and faster decisions

Consumer-grade UX across devices
Reduces errors, increases productivity

Competitive edge and better workflows
With Industry-specific business processes

Embedded AI technology
Enables improved insight and performance

Streamlined data display
By eliminating clunky aggregates and indexes

Flexible deployment options
Offer reduced FTEs and faster implementations

SAP S/4HANA in Two Minutes: The Top 5 Benefits of SAP S/4 HANA for Finance

Download your copy of SAP S/4HANA Starter Package here

Let's work together

Download your copy of SAP S/4HANA Starter Package here

We need your email to reach you back

Thank you for downloading SAP S/4 HANA Financial Package.

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