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Your customers are waiting to hear from you. What would you do?

Your customers are waiting to hear from you. What would you do?

Email marketing can make or in many ways break a business. The market today is very competitive and it is vital for your business to fulfill all your customer requirements if not upfront, fast. Providing a higher customer satisfaction can be very overwhelming especially when your business does not have the right tool to monitor all your assets.

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One of the many challenges between customers and businesses is the lack of communication. Customers demand to be taken care of when a certain issue related to your service pops out. Since 70% of the Philippine population uses smartphones on a daily basis, a huge percentage of users has access to their personal email accounts. This is where email marketing comes to play.

This can be used effectively to build loyalty and trust in your business. Email marketing is extremely essential for hemming relationships with prospects, leads, current and future customers, and even past clients because it gives you a chance to speak directly to them, in their inbox, at a time that is convenient for them.

C4C (Cloud for Customer) has this marketing feature that lets your sales and marketing professionals send urgent business announcements, marketing campaigns, and even direct messages via email to your group of existing, past, and future clients. What’s great about C4C is you can monitor all your business communication assets in one place.

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Now let’s breakdown C4C’s email marketing features that can contribute greatly to your business’s success.

Target Groups

Create a competitive set of contacts and have the freedom to organize them based on their industry, function, and involvement in your business. Producing a competitive list that contains all the contact details of your clients and partners could be very time consuming. With C4C, you can easily cross access the database from your sales and other existing departments in your organization.


Email Campaign Intelligence

This technology gives you the full view, control, and decide which action the system will perform once a particular campaign has been interacted with. Building the campaign intelligence has three tools:

  • Target Audience

    This is the first step in creating a campaign intelligence. C4C gives the option to directly create the campaign from the target group window.

  • Actions

    The following are the available actions to choose from: Send E-Mail, Create Lead, Notify, Create Activity, Export List, Create Mass Activity, Update Target Group, and Send SMS.

  • Triggers

    The available triggers are the following: Submitted Form, E-Mail Interaction, and Clicked Link.


Execution Details

C4C users can access the execution details to see the result-oriented information like the number of contacted recipients, not contacted, and number of unopened emails. C4C can indicate the contact person, the date and time of interaction with the email or campaign sent, and an option for the marketer to do a follow up action such as a new phone call, lead, opportunity, sales quotes, or a new activity task to recipients who interacted with the email or campaign.


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