We Have Organized All Your Business Communication Assets in One Place

We Have Organized All Your Business Communication Assets in One Place

Technology is rapidly growing and it has affected not just businesses, but their customers. Different applications have empowered consumers to customize how to start their buying process. Because of internet access from mobile devices, people nowadays are digitally connected, socially networked, and better informed than ever before.

As a business, how do you establish the need for your products and services to your customers? It could either be through direct or indirect marketing like TV commercials, digital ads, or simply word of mouth. How do they search for the specifications, price or location of your business? Google is a good platform, same with reading customer reviews, or even web shopping. Your customers now choose their own adventures.

With C4C’s Omnichannel Customer Service, your business can now cover your customer’s buying journey, real time notification of their business transactions and how you can assist with their decision making process.

1. Multi-Channel Ticket Management

This is how you can handle customer complaints effectively. C4C has a ticket management capability across different channels: email, phone call, SMS, and social media networks as platforms that your business can use to respond to service requests.


2. Social Media Integration

C4C can be integrated with top social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram so you can engage with your customers using a single environment.

3. Complete Contact Center Solution

Since your business use computer telephony, email and chat to respond to your customer requests, C4C provides seamless integration with any telephony that gives your service agents an automatic access to the right account once a call comes in. Another set of interesting features that C4C has is a plugin for Outlook integration and live chat functionality for businesses. All these can be utilized by your service agents in a single place, promoting agent efficiency, and ease of access.


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