Technology Trends That Will Dominate Us Soon

Technology Trends That Will Dominate Us Soon

You can simply look around and conclude how technology greatly advanced, changed
and shaped our lives. As exciting as it sounds, these technological innovations could be
very overwhelming for some. Especially now that we can get almost any information we
need over the internet and communicate to people around the world in so many ways.
One technology expert wrote that we live in an age where the greatest technological
discoveries will ascent and are expected to drastically change the way we live and work.
The abundance of technology that we are currently and are expected to experience will
significantly change the many traditional ways of executing everyday business
operations in almost all industry. So, you might ask, what technological geniuses are
coming next.
The technology trends that you are about to read in this article are proven to dominate
2017. If you are planning to put up a business and want to make an upbeat and creative
first impression, these trends can absolutely help you do just that. Another perspective
is if you want to improve your current business standing and stay one step ahead of
your competition, you can take advantage of these trends to reach your target market in
new and exciting ways.

The Internet of Things and Smart Home Technology

Tech-savvy or not, we are sure that you have heard of the term Internet of Things or IoT
and its great potential in creating smart businesses, homes and cities. Maybe you are
thinking, when can we actually live in smart connected homes? Or operate is a smart
office? Is there a delay? Well, some corporations are already enjoying the benefits of
having this technology, maybe even you, your smartphones and smart watches are
some of the great of examples of what the internet of things could do for businesses
and individuals soon. The global challenge now is there is too much competition, with
limited collaboration. Think about it, there are many individual appliances and
applications on the market but few solutions to bind everything together to create a
seamless user experience. Don’t worry, the industry giants are already aware of the
importance of having uniform user experiences and are actually getting involve like
Google, Amazon, and Apple. Major developments are expected in the coming year and
let’s admit it, it is mind-blowing.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

In 2016, we have seen and experienced some major rungs forward augmented reality
(AR) and virtual reality (VR). Thousands of VR applications and games was released
after the Oculus Rift was made available in the market. Another example was the
release of Pokémon Go, an AR game with over 100 million downloads. We can say that
the market is ready for AR and VR domination, considering that there are devices and
technology available for these applications. It started its appearance last year and should
expect more this year. Be ready, AR and VR will open thousands of ways to
execute grand marketing opportunities to help your business get noticed.

Machine Learning

This technology helps and enhances Google’s core search engine algorithm and have
made some major progressions in the past couple of years. Yes, we have seen this
technology running in a limited range of applications but this 2017, machine learning is
expected to expand and enter almost any consumer applications to improve overall user
experience specifically, analytics application. We don’t have to wait for another set of
years until this technology becomes the new normal since businesses and people
expect this type of artificial intelligence to become a major component of every form of


Businesses, especially its sales and marketing teams will be glad to hear that
automation turns out to be the grand mainstay in and throughout 2017. The reason for
this is the technologies empowering automation is innovating human-exclusive tasks
and taking it to new heights. One example is the rotation of robotic journalists that exist
for a couple of years now and it wont be long before they take a hop in producing more
practical types of articles. Soon, we can witness new classifications of productivity in
some businesses around the globe. Another exciting perspective is when automation
meets with machine learning. Result is your overall business performance will be faster
and efficient.

Humanized Big Data

For the past five years, experts and enthusiasts have been talking about big data since
its unveiling. The idea behind this technology is that mass quantities of gathered data
which we now have access to can better our planning process from medical treatments
to implementing viral marketing campaigns. We should expect that providers could find
a way to humanize big data, obtaining more empathetic and qualitative bits of data and
projecting it in a more visualized and accessible way.

Physical-Digital Integrations

Having a mobile device today is necessary especially when you are a part of an
organization that requires you to connect and respond to clients’ requests and needs.
This situation slowly changed our daily lives. We share more and more content online
using our mobile phones and you can see almost everyone spending time tapping its
surface. One core reason is the fact these devices give us access to a never-ending
sea of information in the real-world. Things like site-to- store purchasing using your
mobile device give a certain audience the freedom to purchase online and pick up the
items they bought in a retail location, but the next big thing would be the integrations
between physical and digital realities. Amazon will start having more physical products,
like Dash Buttons and physical brands like Walmart will start to have more digital
features, like store maps and product trials.

Everything On-Demand

Experts say that mobile users expect all their demands to be available on mobile
devices. From social media, transportation, bank accounts, mailing apps, delivery,
dating apps, online shopping, entertainment, flight and hotel bookings, and a lot more.
Thousands of applications are available today and we can say that the perks we get are
really beneficial. We can customize and freely choose what to keep and what to dispose
depending on our lifestyle. It is expected that these applications will evolve and deliver a
more exciting user experience.

Some would say that it is useless to make predictions about the future of technology for
providers can change the direction of their developments and could hold some
progressions made. Still, forecasting is beneficial so your business can strategize your
marketing efforts properly and maybe, most might agree, that it is exciting to know
what’s coming next.

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