Conversations with LBC on their SAP Journey

(Photo from left-to-right: Mr. Gwyn Magdadaro, Sales Director, Appcentric Solutions Inc. | Mr. Alex Benavidez, Solutions Architect, Appcentric Solutions Inc. | Ms. Khristine Lucero, SAP Manager, LBC Express | Mr. A.R. Pontejos, Project Manager, Appcentric Solutions Inc.)

LBC is the Philippines’ market leader in payments & remittance, documents & mail, parcels & boxes, and cargo & logistics. With a growing network of over 6,400 locations, partners, and agents in over 30 countries, LBC is committed to moving lives, businesses, and communities and delivering smiles around the world. With its mission to technologically equip their business to serve individuals and business entities worldwide, Appcentric, the leading SAP partner in the Philippines introduced and integrated SAP, the best ERP solution in the market today in their organization.

Describe Appcentric’s Service.

“The kind of service that Appcentric Solutions Inc. has provided LBC with is very customer-focused. They really look at the needs of the client and not just for the sake of selling something that the client doesn’t need. It is all about customer partnership. They really dig into the details of a project to discover what’s necessary.”

 Would you recommend Appcentric with other clients?

“Of course! Definitely! Because of their great service we are willing to talk to anybody and share our great experiences with them. We are very happy with the results that they have delivered to us and we have how many projects already? They have no failed project or implementation with us. Also the LBC International team is very happy with the services that Appcentric has provided. They are kind and very accommodating. They are also very competent when it comes to the latest technology in the market. Appcentric is providing resources that are state-of-the-art. They really provide the best skill set and assets for a project.”

Would you recommend SAP with other businesses?

“Yes we will. We have experienced other solutions before and I have seen the best of both worlds already. I can say how robust SAP is compared to other solution providers. Other solutions are so far from what SAP can do when it comes to integration. In some cases, a client has an existing platform already and when they acquire other solutions they cannot integrate it on top of their current platform and it is hard for a business. With SAP it is easy. If you can imagine an ideal system or technology for your business, SAP has it already. I would really recommend SAP.”

Positive changes that SAP brought to your business.

“Since SAP is powerful when it comes to reporting, the seamless flow of data that SAP has is really its high advantage. Unlike with other ERP systems, they are vey limited when it comes to reporting. Also, SAP gives you the competitive advantage of customizing your reports for your exact needs. The data on SAP are real-time and since we are running on SAP HANA the flow of data is much faster. You can really see the difference of SAP compare with other conventional ERP systems. It also helps you produce reports fast. Your processes become faster as well. For example, you usually do a specific report for an hour, with SAP you only need a couple of minutes. You can really experience a real-time enterprise.”

Generally, can we say that LBC is better with SAP?

“Absolutely. SAP, being an enterprise system, it is easier to manage. Unlike having different systems that are not integrated with each other, that architecture is really hard to manage. With SAP you have a single source of truth.”

How about Appcentric’s Project Management.

“We are very happy with how Appcentric handled the projects. The right methodologies for the projects are being applied and at the same time you can really feel the concern. All issues are being handled effectively on the Project Management level with no need for escalation.”

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