SPi CRM Innovates their Organization with Appcentric Solutions Inc.

SPi CRM Innovates their Organization with Appcentric Solutions Inc. 


SPi CRM is a pioneering leader in customer relationship management outsourcing in the Philippines. This CRM leader delivers multi-lingual solutions to leading international and local companies covering the full customer engagement lifecycle from acquisition, to retention and on to enhancement. SPi CRM have over 10,000 employees across the United States, Australia, Nicaragua, and the Philippines serving clients in diversified industries including media, telecommunications, travel and hospitality, financial services and e-commerce.


SPi CRM understands that having an excellent ERP system is one of the key components to run and secure the success rate of a global company. They have reinforced their way to fully digitizing their business by choosing Appcentric Solutions Inc. as its digital transformation partner with the help of SAP ERP.


To start, businesses with SAP systems in place tend to enjoy much greater productivity among their employees and various departments. That’s because, with SAP as a system, there’s no need for redundant data entry within different software programs and fewer communication struggles between separate but reliant facets of a company.


Many businesses rely on multiple software programs and data-logging platforms to enter numbers and generate reports, making it difficult for business management to see the “big picture.” As a result, a great deal of time is wasted in trying to combine data from different departments into a cohesive report. With SAP as a system, this becomes completely unnecessary and employees are able to focus on more important tasks.


This is the vision behind SPi CRM’s digital transformation, to experience ease in managing their entire business by simply synchronizing their departments and all their assets. Through the use of SAP ERP, SPi CRM can now experience consistency on operations. SAP software allows businesses of all sizes to align their strategies and ensure that all facets of the company are on the same page. Through the consistent entering and reporting of numbers and the generation of reports, management can get a better idea as to what’s going on within the company in a broader scope.


Another great deal is that businesses can save a lot of money; this remains true both of small and large businesses. Specifically, by using one software program to track all of a company’s data and generate reports, businesses don’t have to worry about purchasing multiple pieces of software for multiple departments. Relying on just one form of software drives costs down significantly.


Furthermore, there’s the added cost savings that come along with greater efficiency and process standardization within a company.


With the help of Appcentric Solutions Inc. and SAP ERP, SPi CRM can now continue to cultivate their client relationships, retain their most important asset – their people, and maximize shareholder value by delivering continuous and profitable growth all through technology.


Appcentric Solutions Inc. is the leader in digitizing businesses in the Philippines and around the globe and is SAP’s leading PH partner. This company is also known for creating mobile applications crafted specifically for your industry. Like SPi CRM, frontrunners are doing what is right and what is right is for organizations to prepare for the already existing future. Call us today, +63 2 759 1510 or email marketing@centricitgroup.com.

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