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When implementing a new system, many companies are eager to rush through the preparation and blueprint phases to begin the system build. Often, this has costly repercussions late down the line as late changes then requested by the business will increase the pressure and timescale on an already stretched project team.

Challenges your business may encounter include:


✓ Knowing which business processes will work best

✓ Defining an achievable and realistic plan

✓ Ensuring the business is fully engaged with the implementation project

✓ Having the right data for the new system

✓ Ensure they get the most out of SAP®

How can we help

Appcentric has the innate ability to implement projects quickly, smoothly and cost effectively. Our team of experts has worked on hundreds of successful implementations and understands the criticality of the preparation and blueprint phases of your SAP implementation project.

We make sure that all work is clearly defined and that we understand your expectations. Then we bring together the right skills to successfully deliver what you’ve asked us to do.

We use a selection of tools to clarify your implementation strategy, including SAP’s AcceleratedSAP (ASAP) methodology: a best practice approach to SAP implementation, based on knowledge drawn from our wide range of previous projects.

We have the ability to guide you through the two key areas of SAP implementation:

✓ First time SAP implementation where we do all implementation-related activities for you

✓ Already existing SAP customer but you may want to:

  • Add additional functionality such as another module
  • Rollout to other countries/ areas of the company/ different departments

Why choose Appcentric?

✓ We’ll work at your chosen pace to ensure a smooth SAP implementation with minimum disruption to your business activities for you

✓ We have industry specific expertise in your industry

✓ We have access to and are proficient in the latest SAP processes and technology

✓ We have a wide talent pool of expert consultants

✓ We have proven implementation strategies

✓ We have expert knowledge in that we can solve virtually every type of SAP problem


Appcentric has a track record of delivering SAP implementation projects on time, on budget and on quality. Our customers will tell you how our professional delivery and expert advice made their transition smooth and hassle-free.

Added benefits of using Appcentric’s SAP Implementation service include:

✓ Reduced implementation timescale – have your system up and running in just a few weeks

✓ Reduced implementation costs through our mix of on-site and off-site resource delivery

✓ Accelerated delivery with our efficient pre-assembled and pre-engineered components

✓ Superior and more consistent delivery quality through our process methodologies, tools and expertise

✓ Fast-track adoption of the latest innovations, technologies and trends

✓ Accelerated financial close, on time and on budget

✓ Faster go live and faster adoption by the company

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