SAP Hybris C4C: Out with the old, in with the new

SAP Hybris C4C: Out with the old, in with the new

Businesses around the globe repeatedly deal with inapt processes. Decision makers often rely on unpredictable set of data that result in unclear business objectives, lost opportunities and worse, profit. This happens when an organization is not equipped with the right tool that lets them stay competitive, organized, informed, and collaborative.

Since Digital Transformation approached the biggest players in the market today from different industries, businesses are encouraged to adapt new solutions that can help them manage their businesses faster, upfront, and efficiently. SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C) is the greatest investment that your company might want to consider having now. This enables your business to easily access all your sales and marketing assets using your mobile device. C4C also lets you manage your business wherever you are in the world. This future-proof technology will let your business stay relevant and ready.

Standard Sales Process

C4C has a standard framework on how your sales team should process opportunities from prospecting to winning the deal. The solution has a sales cycle which will be uniformly implemented among your sales teams. It consists of phases that will guide your sales professionals on how to systematically work on their deals.

For your sales managers, it helps them track the progress of deals and easily get updated on what’s currently happening and how they can collaborate with the account owners to ensure a win. If your business is already following an existing model, C4C can replicate it. Through business scenario scoping, customers can dictate what their sales cycles should be called, what will the included phases be, and determine which steps will go first.

Data Migration

Whether your sales teams are monitoring their account databases through Excel files or using an outdated solution, C4C can accommodate all your data whichever legacy systems it may come from. With the use of C4C’s built-in migration tool, companies won’t have to worry about data loss.

C4C has data migration templates for each sales objects like accounts, leads, and opportunities that will need to be filled out by the customer after data is validated. The migration templates includes columns for each detail and has explanations on the allowable criteria like the text format and the number of characters. Through data migration, your sales professionals can work on the same accounts and deals only now more organized and more accessible.


Aside from the sales, marketing, service, and social engagement features that businesses can leverage, C4C also boasts flexibility capabilities brought by the Personalization feature. Through this attribute, companies can make sure that their sales professionals or service agents will only have view on the exact tools they need to use. The by-product will be agent efficiency on one side since companies can work faster on what matters most, and another side will be application optimization.


C4C isn’t meant to totally replace other solutions. We understand that companies have their existing investments when it comes to the automation of their business applications. C4C can be built and implemented on top of other enterprise solutions, making sure that data exchange is continuous and easily accessed anytime and anywhere.

We cannot wait to share with you the many great possibilities that the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C) can do for you and your business. Talk to us today. Call our hotline +63 2 759 1510 or email us at