Enterprises operating in today’s fast paced, socially aware and interconnected world, gaining insights and reacting to changing customer demands in a timely and efficient manner is imperative to business success.

Your organisation is generating huge amounts of transactional data, which if you could analyse it quickly would provide valuable insights into market trends.

Your customers are now connected via social media and mobile devices in a way that businesses have never seen before; the disruptive effects of social and mobility have huge effects on your relationship with your customer.

So just how do you develop new strategies to deal with this fast changing world?

💡 How can you better offer new products and services?
💡 How do you go after new markets?
💡 How do you gain those all-important insights before your competitor does?

Ten reasons customers choose SAP HANA to help transform their business

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The Road to SAP HANA – A Choice of Paths to Take

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SAP HANA breaks traditional database barriers to simplify IT landscapes, eliminating data preparation, pre-aggregation, and tuning. You can instantly access huge volumes of structured and unstructured data, including text data, from different sources.

It transforms business by streamlining transactions, analytics, planning, predictive, and sentiment data processing on a single in-memory database so business can operate in real time. Now you can get immediate answers to really complex questions and make decisions like never before.

Without real-time analytics, you can’t run a real-time business.

With SAP HANA, all of your key operational data is in memory, mitigating the latency inherent in disk-based systems. Whether the data comes from your SAP® ERP application, third-party solution, or custom applications, the platform enables you to make real time evaluations across your enterprise.