Our 2018 Started with 3 SAP Major Awards

Appcentric Solutions Inc. has recently won 3 major awards from SAP Philippines and before we narrate this captivating milestone, we want to share with you how we started. Our foundation runs on optimism and idealism that stipulate our principles on the great importance of simplifying things and empowering enterprises through technology in different industries. Our great standards of only providing the best platforms to organizations around the archipelago is something that we pride and celebrate. As a homegrown technology business, Appcentric manages to build its force from the ground up and is constantly crafting different mobility solutions that run on top of SAP and other commercial systems. It is our personal mission to provide a holistic digital transformation to those who dare to defy the now.

Last 2017, we have managed to bag 2 major SAP awards from being the Top Revenue Partner for Cloud and the Top SAP Partner for DRS (Deal Registration) during the SAP All-Star Partners’ Night. We have then expanded our operations and empower our forces further and the result is astounding. Appcentric Solutions Inc. is the first ever SAP partner to receive the SAP Innovation Award. This recognition describes our difference and great knowledge about SAP, technology trends, and capabilities to create different mobility solutions to really address and streamline complex business processes in various industries. We have also managed to uphold our great reputation in the cloud space and DRS.

Appcentric Solutions Inc. is also expanding its name in various emerging markets specifically in Australia, Myanmar, and Vietnam. This is a great indication that a local business like us can now drive digital transformation globally. We will unceasingly cultivate what we have, integrate great sustainability, invest in our people, and innovate more solutions.

To highlight, we are known for our precision and intelligence in providing the best SAP and mobility solutions and has managed to maintain a great reputation in delivering the most complex systems with SAP and other platforms. With our experience in the SAP space, we have all the abilities to implement projects quickly, smoothly, and cost effectively, combined with our best and remarkable team of professionals to secure endless possibilities of development and innovation.

Appcentric’s customized approach to supporting SAP implementation projects enables companies to develop an organizational roadmap for its digital transformation journey. Talk to us today. Our hotline is +63 2 626 3205 or email info@centricitgroup.com.

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