Motivate your employees with the right technology

Motivate your employees with the technology

Appcentric Solutions Inc. is one of the few companies in the Philippines who strongly believe in empowering its people to unearth their fullest potential through technology. Though, discovering creative approaches to motivate its employees is not an easy task. As a digital leader, the goal is to make their employees work smarter and faster through the use of different tools that can augment their day to day operations.

Empower your employees with increased sharing and collaboration tools.

Creating a digital space where all your employees can share and access their files is one of the most common problems of an organization. Especially now that the volume of data we produce is almost impossible to forecast. Simple solutions like cloud-based file tools like Google Drive and Dropbox are now taking their places within medium and enterprise businesses. This is an effective way to keep a workforce motivated since this will eliminate the common challenges in the workplace like unsystematic shared drives and disorganized files.

Aside from the fact that using these cloud-based tools will make it easier to find and share any files within an organization, they have the capability to track the progress of a certain project and this will encourage everybody to engage more and work smarter. These tools can also be accessed on mobile devices so whether your people are always on the go, they have the ability to access their shared files whenever, wherever.

Let your people track their individual performance

It is ideal for a company to have access on the performance data of their workforce but not many companies have the ability. Performance management is vital in a business environment so company leaders can properly provide the help their workers might require. Having a management software to obtain an overall view of individual performance can be beneficial. This will also help the managers to have a broader perspective on their workforce, and use the data to improve their performance.

If your organization can see more, this will give you the venue to do more for your employees. You can also generate feedbacks from both ends to identify personal strengths and weaknesses of each teams and create a competency plan to address these challenges and improve current strengths. This will make it a lot easier for companies to make a performance review.

Deliver and receive real-time feedback

Most of the time performance review happens annually or on a quarterly basis but having an open source for continues feedback should exist in every organization. According to a 2013 survey of 6,000 HR professionals by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), a mere 2 percent of employers provide ongoing feedback to their employees.

Instead of anticipating for the results of a particular performance review, automating this process with an HR software can make giving and receiving real-time feedback in a matter of minutes. This will initiate a positive engagement and motivation by consistently guiding your workforce in the right direction. This will also provide the ability for the employees to give suggestions and feedback directly to the management and create a more transparent and genuine working environment.

Provide learning on the go

It is not ideal for any organization to make their employees bring workloads at home but we cannot deny the fact that certain projects have to be executed immediately and might require them to work outside the office walls. This is where mobile applications come to play. This provides employees the flexibility they need and want when it comes to file accessibility.

Organizations need to acquire a technology that is mobile-optimized for it is important when it comes to accessing important company information or documents when not at the office. In fact, a 2013 Mobile Helix survey of 300 IT decision makers estimated that their organizations would see nearly a 40 percent boost in productivity if key enterprise applications were mobilized.

Technology helps us to simplify and advance our day to day operations. Now that we can almost integrate everything in our mobile devices, this will provide organizations with much more efficiency. One of the greatest ways to motivate and inspire your employees is to provide them with great mobile applications that they can use and will initiate a more collaborative environment.

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