Here are some reasons why AppCentric Solutions Inc. bags SAP’s General Business Growth Award F.Y. 2016

Here are some reasons why AppCentric Solutions Inc. bags SAP’s General Business Growth Award F.Y. 2016

AppCentric Solutions Inc., SAP’s Top Premier Value Added Partner in the Philippines has been transforming businesses over the past years since it started in various industries all over the world. This company who’s known for its precision and intelligence in providing the best SAP solutions has managed to maintain a great reputation in delivering the most complex systems with SAP and its own mobile applications. With its experience in the SAP industry, AppCentric has its ability to implement projects quickly, smoothly, and cost effectively combined with its team of experts differentiate AppCentric from its peers.

 1. 100% Customer Referenceability and Retention

Our best reference as an enterprise business is the loyalty and great satisfaction of our clients themselves. 100% of our clients continue to use our services after years of working together and are still with us today. At AppCentric, you will have the opportunity to work with exciting solutions, people, and services at the front lines of technology. We even have clients who volunteer to join some of the opportunities we are currently working deals with to express and share their incredible journey with us.

2.We Deliver Incredible Results Every Time

You won’t get a “one size fits all” approach from AppCentric. We carefully customize and craft our SAP solutions based on the specific requirements from our clients combined with our in-depth diagnosis of their current IT environment to effectively confront their current problems and avoid future challenges. Our unique business proposition and implementation plan make you achieve your goals better while offering a faster return on investment. To challenge and be challenged is part of our culture. Good results are always our goal.

3. Your Business Challenges is Our Mission

We understand that looking for the right SAP partner could be extremely challenging and moreover disappointing when you elected the wrong one. As a business, your time and resources are vital and we give our greatest respect and care on both. We have had corporations ask us to reassess and reintegrate their entire SAP systems done by other SAP providers in the Philippines due to ineffective and unobserved problems that cracked after the implementation. AppCentric is more than proud to say that after falling under its care those business entities are now running at breakneck speed with SAP and we have become the preferred SAP partner for those businesses. Brilliance is part of our DNA so you can rest assured that the only result you can get from us is excellence.

4. We Have Next Gen Solutions That No Other SAP Partner Has

We believe in staying ahead of the game and helping our clients do the same. SAP is the heart of our business but what makes us unique is our experience in providing application centric solutions that help our customers achieve their business goals faster and more effective. We employ the most cutting-edge technologies as soon as they’re made available in the market.  Our superiority in the area of mobility, internet of things, and facial recognition system make us the leading SAP provider in the Philippines.

5. We Have The Best People

We believe that one of our greatest assets is our people. Our team is composed of excellent professionals who combine knowledge, passion, experience, and commitment. Our team knows that their work is intended at fulfilling a client’s needs and expectations and discover unobserved business areas to ensure that we only deliver the best result. We provide our people with trainings all around the globe to learn straight from the best technology providers in the market today. We deploy optimal teams, with far more comprehensive experience than our competitors and can scale up rapidly if needed to meet your more aggressive deliverables.

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