Fully Booked Partners with Appcentric to Future-Proof their Organization

Fully Booked Partners with Appcentric to Future-Proof their Organization


Fully booked is known for providing world-class titles in the Philippine market while carrying a comprehensive selection of books under every interest.  Its signature ambiance has also become a haven for thought tinkerers and readers alike. This bookstore started its operation last 2003 and has managed to capture the loyalty of book lovers of all ages.


This Philippine bookstore aims to make people become readers, for readers to become better readers, and for better readers to become the best version of themselves. This vision has motivated them to open 22 stores around the Philippines so you can discover your next great read.


As a business who operates in a very competitive market, Fully Booked understands the importance of digitally transforming their organization. Especially today that the volume of information and transactions are almost unpredictable. Many organizations have crashed because they have failed to prepare for huge business demands and expansion.


With Appcentric’s expertise in digitally transforming businesses around the globe, Fully Booked is now enjoying the benefits of SAP’s S/4 HANA. This solution allows businesses to experience better performance as it relates to complex and time driven business activities such as real-time planning, execution, reporting and analytics based on live data, as well as prompt period closing and improved forecasting.


S/4 HANA has an end user interface that is completely SAP Fiori driven. This makes the user-friendly rendition of real-time business insights and intelligence on any mobile device a laudable business advantage, anytime and anywhere. This also brings unparalleled simplicity to the management and administration of the complete IT landscape, and coupled with the cloud adoption potential that it brings to the fore, hardware and network resources have never been so centralized.


The adoption of S/4HANA is a cost efficient option when you consider the fact that you are able to combine all the analytical and transactional capabilities of different systems into a single source of truth which drives acute and proactive business making. Now, Fully Booked can continue to serve its customer with great ease and confidence. Open more minds and let more people fall in love with great books and stories.


Appcentric Solutions Inc. is the leader in digitizing businesses in the Philippines and around the globe and is SAP’s leading PH partner. This company is also known for creating mobile applications crafted specifically for your industry. Like Fully Booked, frontrunners are doing what is right and what is right is for organizations to prepare for the already existing future. Call us today, +63 2 759 1510 or email marketing@centricitgroup.com

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