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Create a Smart Warehouse with the Internet of Things (IoT)

Create a Smart Warehouse with the Internet of Things (IoT)

Your business is composed of different links. It acts like a chain to sustain its strength and keep it relevant in the market. It makes sense that business managers are repeatedly monitoring and analyzing their operations every single day. Businesses have to make sure that each link is strong and effective. You can’t run the risk of solidifying every area of your business and neglecting the one link that forces the entire chain to break, rendering business operations somewhat incapacitated.

If you have problems efficiently running your warehouse operations, it is going to be difficult to maintain the integrity of your business. The question of how to excellently run this link is actually one of the most common challenges of businesses today.

Taking advantage of Internet of Things-enabled solutions can improve efficiency and speed in your workforce. It gives you full visibility on inventory, assets and increase data accuracy in shipping items. These can be achieved through the use of wearable devices, cameras, sensors, RFID tags, and other internet-enabled machines to empower warehouse management in delivering satisfactory logistic services to consumers today.

According to a report, 70% of decision makers are looking into leveraging new technologies and solutions to make warehouses smarter and more automated by 2020. The ever increasing demand from consumers for direct delivery will propel even more investment in IT infrastructures and solutions for operation among the manufacturing and logistics companies to keep up with today’s consumer expectations. Hardware and installation for IoT is expected to be heavily invested on by retailers over the next four years.

We’ve listed the benefits of IoT for warehouse operators:

Asset Visibility

Assets doesn’t just mean stocks, it also includes workers and heavy equipment like forklifts. Visibility or knowing where the items are stored, where they are shipped to and from is the most important information all warehouse operators need. This is because having these data readily available anytime and in real-time enables warehouse operators to act accordingly and quickly to prevent redundancy, plan for contingency, and ensure efficiency in the workplace. Through the use of IoT-enabled technology like barcodes, RFID tags and other embedded detectable devices, the use of manual labor is decreased allowing faster and more accurate shipping, and full control and visibility on your warehouse inventory.

Performance Optimization

Another benefit of IoT adoption among warehouses is improved accuracy on how your workers transfer items within the warehouse, improved route management, prevention of accidents, and quicker asset uptime. This is accomplished through utilizing wearable technologies like smart glasses. These wearable devices can help your workers quickly and accurately perform their duties from operating a forklift, picking up the correct items by scanning their barcodes, and finally transferring them to the correct location. These devices can even give the shortest and fastest path for forklift operators to move objects. It can also detect when your forklift malfunctions, decreasing the chances of an accident and ultimately keeping your workers safe. No service technician available? Wearable devices can connect to a technician from the back office and give you instructions on how to quickly and efficiently repair your forklifts, increasing your asset uptime, allowing more work to be done and less delays.

Investment Paying Off

The two very important things when it comes to shipping is the weight and volume. Mainly because the cost is heavily reliant on these two major factors. With accurate data through the use of IoT-enabled devices like embedded scales on forklifts, warehouse operators can only pay for what they ship.

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