Computer Telephony Integration: SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C)

Computer Telephony Integration: SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C)

In many companies today, exchange of data between office applications is a must. This is because isolated applications tend to delay work. When your solutions are integrated, it provides agent efficiency because agents will have a single work station, meaning resources are available all in one portal. For businesses which offer quick and satisfactory customer service, connected tools is an essential to allow more work to be done and most importantly to reduce profit loss.

Exploiting its service capabilities, SAP Hybris C4C is a helpdesk CRM tool that specializes in ticket management. Since it covers many channels like emails and phone calls, companies who receive countless customer complaints or service requests every day from inbound emails or calls can leverage C4C as their all-in-one customer care portal. This means that whichever other solutions companies use for receiving messages from customers, it can be seamlessly attached to C4C to work as one.

One very good example of C4C’s integration is its preconfigured computer telephony integration (CTI). The best thing about C4C is that it can be integrated with any telephone provider in the world. A good example of a telephone provider which already has proven and unobstructed communication with C4C is ShoreTel Inc. telecommunications company.

C4C Integration with ShoreTel

To provide seamless integration, SAP has a built-in adapter for C4C to communicate with other external applications. This adapter passes and receives data to and from the C4C application connected to a telephony service. The data to be passed and received can be controlled such that it can store customer information like the account number, a ticket number, or even the number the customer used to call in. SAP built a simple architecture as guide to achieve unblocked connection between C4C and a telephony service.

ShoreTel being a telephony provider usually used alongside a CRM application, has already developed its own middleware to be able to easily communicate with any other application. With this middleware, there is no more need for developers to manually manipulate connector applications to communicate with each other. This ensures 100% integration with C4C, achieving the ideal all-in-one customer care portal for your business.

Incoming Call Simulation

Through the complete C4C preconfigured telephony integration with ShoreTel’s prepackaged solution, an incoming call can be simulated with physical telephones. Once a call comes in, C4C’s Live Activity pane receives the call and the data it carries like the caller’s number, similar to what a soft phone functions for. C4C detects the number and automatically pulls out the account details related to the contact number. For example, John Smith from ABC Company calls in using his mobile number. C4C detects that the number is John Smith’s, so it automatically pulls out ABC Company as the caller’s company. If C4C detects more than one similar contact number, the display will say “Multiple Callers Identified” and a list of all similar contact numbers is shown.

Live Activity Pane Functions

When a call comes in, C4C detects the caller’s number, the account details, the number dialed to call in, and the time stamp when the call started as default. More custom fields can be added depending on your business’s requirement. From the Live Activity pane, your service agent can create a new ticket, a new customer entry, or a new note or update for an existing customer complaint. Your service agents can also see a list of all preexisting tickets raised by the customer, giving quick access to records your business needs to satisfactorily accommodate your customers’ requests.

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