CO Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. Partners with Appcentric for their SAP Integration

CO Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. Partners with Appcentric for their SAP Integration


CO Ban Kiat Hardware Inc., is one of the few pioneers in the hardware business in the Philippines who have continued to withstand the test of time. It all started in the 1920’s when the family patriarch. Mr. Co Ban Kiat acquired this business. He began its operations in the heart of Manila Chinatown under the name of CO BAN KIAT Hardware. After World War II in 1945 the business resumed, but it was not till after 3 years later in 1948 that the business recovered and they were able to build the new CBK building on the very same spot were they use to operate before the war.


CO Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. is now also known as “THE HOUSE OF HOME IMPROVEMENTS” and has been the forefront of home building supplies from selling nails and iron wires as its main products. CO Ban Kiat has evolved and is now considered as one of the largest suppliers of top of the line hardware materials. With a mission for excellence CO Ban Kiat had initiate the retail concept of hardware store in the country and is now a household name when it comes to industrial, construction and home improvements while living up to its vision of turning houses in to homes.


Their president said, “As a Youngman, I always had this vision of being able to create a more convenient way to live as a pioneer in this industry; it has become my advocacy to provide for every Juan easy access to world class products.”


He added, “Hardware and Construction industry has given shape to the society itself as it continues to grow even bigger and has also given so much opportunity for many. At CBK, we recognize that our role and responsibilities must continue to grow and must strive harder to meet the expectations of the consumers.”


One of their ways to keep their promise is to always be in the forefront of technology. Recently, CO Ban Kiat started their digital transformation to better serve their existing and and future customers. This is inline with their corporate vision to become the largest network supplier of the biggest brands in the world in hardware industry.


Their latest addition to technologically empower their business is the SAP ERP. This solution is one of the best-known software products of SAP and was developed to help large organizations to manage their operations and customer relations efficiently. This Enterprise Resource Planning application along with few more applications has given its worldwide fame and is currently the market leader in enterprise applications.


This integrated software solution primarily offers the following three solutions to enterprises; SAP ERP Financials, SAP ERP Human Capital Management, and SAP ERP Operations. SAP ERP furnishes users with a comprehensive set of integrated business processes, and through optimum utilization of these processes, an organization can leverage the business benefits of the application.


With the help of Appcentric Solutions Inc. and SAP ERP, CBK can expand and operate with great ease and confidence.

Appcentric Solutions Inc. is the leader in digitizing businesses in the Philippines and around the globe and is SAP’s leading PH partner. This company is also known for creating mobile applications crafted specifically for your industry. Like CO Ban Kiat Hardware Inc, frontrunners are doing what is right and what is right is for organizations to prepare for the already existing future. Call us today, +63 2 759 1510 or email




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