Your Business Is Sleeping, Wake Up!

Your Business Is Sleeping, Wake Up!

Business analysts all over the world are recommending companies in all industries the cloud computing approach. This technology is one of the best assets that your business might want to consider having now. We have a few interesting points for you:

  • Cost savings from not having to pay for data centers
  • Data protection, recovery, security and
  • Can be easily integrated with other solutions

AppCentric Solutions Inc., sees the future of companies in the Philippines in a hybrid setup (on premise infrastructure mixed with cloud-based solutions) or pure cloud since there’s a paradigm shift on how companies store, process, and share their data. Let’s lift the curtains to unfold the right cloud solution for your sales and service professionals.

Cloud for Customer (C4C):

It is SAP’s cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software-as-a-service (SaaS) application for sales and service. Cloud for Customer runs on SAP HANA, in-memory database that allows real-time computing of big data. C4C is the revolutionary software that will redefine how you engage your customers, equipped with omnichannel presence (call, email, chat, social media, and portal) for your customer service; 360-degree view, analytics and real time insight for your sales process and clients; and since it’s cloud, you can access your business anytime and anywhere.

Cloud for Sales and Marketing:

For the sales pillar, C4C also brings marketing capabilities to the table. It allows users to pull accounts, contacts or individual customers according to a specific and similar category and add them to a target group. The target group then tells C4C to send fully customizable HTML email templates to produce marketing campaigns. C4C has built in real-time analytics, powering its function to detect what happened so far with the sent emails, whether it’s opened or not or if a link inside the email is clicked.

With C4C, sales representatives and managers who are always on-the-go can spend more time selling and talking with clients, and less time trying to figure out how to make a forecast.

Cloud for Service and Social Engagement:

For the service pillar, C4C can be integrated with popular social networks nowadays namely Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Ever since the birth of smartphones, almost everyone who has one is now always online, connected, and informed. C4C makes sure you know what or how your customers are talking about you, enabling you to adapt and consistently offer great service.

With C4C, service agents will surely have all the right tools and information needed on a service call.

Again, there is a paradigm shift happening in the business world right now specifically the cloud industry. Charles Darwin once said that “It’s not the strongest or the smartest of the species that survive, but the one most adaptable to change”. It would be devastating to see another empire like some of the biggest companies in the 90’s fall due to resistance.

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