Business at Your Fingertips

Business at Your Fingertips

Cloud for  Customer (C4C) is a cloud-based solution made for businesses with sales, technical, and marketing operations. This technology can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Apart from using a browser to access C4C, you can download the mobile application from the AppStore and Google Play Store for easy access. C4C has three mobile applications:

1. SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer – for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

* C4C’s first mobile application for Sales Professionals who are always on-the-go. Gives quick access to their opportunities, quotes, accounts, and other sales data.

2. SAP Hybris Customer Insight – exclusively for iPad.

*Created for Sales Managers that will provide them with overall business visibility and insight through interactive dashboards and reports.

3. SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, extended – for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

*Combination of Sales, Analytics, and Service wrapped in one mobile application. Recommended for Sales and Service Agents.

Now, let’s look at some of the dynamic sales features of C4C’s mobility:

Pipeline Influencers: Predictive Analytics and Collaboration for Sales Professionals

How many business deals have you lost for not maximizing your company’s full potential? From your sales team, historical analytics of sales data, and competitor performance insight. Pipeline Influencers, helps you to choose the right people to work with by giving you access to the involvement of your coworkers in different projects and other sales records.


Sales Quotes: Avoid Missed Opportunities and Delays

As a sales agent, you create quotations for different clients at any given time whether you are on an exclusive vacation or having a quality time with your family. Paperworks often consume time and delays the project. With C4C’s mobility, you can create a quote directly from the application and will contain all the specified details like the products, quantity, price and discount if there’s any. If you’re with the customer, simply pull out your iPad, create the quote, even have the customer sign it and give them a copy right then and there.


Interactive Dashboards: Your Job, only made easier

As a sales manager, the first thing you do in the morning is to check how the business is running. With C4C’s interactive dashboards, you get different kinds of visualization for your data presentation: bar, bubble graph or as a funnel. Whenever there’s a need to drill down a specific information you can simply access it using C4C’s filter option.


Offline Capability: Sometimes, being offline is a thing

Are you a field technician needing to visit a service location that has no cellular coverage at all? C4C can still be accessed offline. If you do any changes on your account, simply sync it up when you go online.


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