Address the Top Challenges of Today’s Logistics Providers with TrackCentric

Introducing the TrackCentric. A real time GPS enabled delivery monitoring system that works on a mobile device and connects to the Trackcentric portal. This solution provides live information and...

Motivate your employees with the right technology

Appcentric Solutions Inc. is one of the few companies in the Philippines who strongly believe in empowering its people to unearth their fullest potential through technology. Though, discovering...

How technology is responsible for changing the business landscape

Technology runs at high speed and the value that it gives to enterprises might vary depending on the worth of innovation and its target industry or market. This change could sometimes affect a...

Cloud for Customer (C4C) 1708 Performance Update 2017

Cloud for Customer (C4C) is a cloud-based solution made for businesses with sales, technical, and marketing operations. This technology can be accessed anytime and anywhere using both your mobile...

SPi CRM Innovates their Organization with Appcentric Solutions Inc.

SPi CRM understands that having an excellent ERP system is one of the key components to run and secure the success rate of a global company. They have reinforced their way to fully digitizing their...

Mindanao Energy Systems Inc. (MINERGY) Partners with Appcentric to Digitize their Organization

This electricity and utility giant took its first step in digitally transforming their organization with SAP’s ECC 6.0 through its innovator, Appcentric Solutions Inc. SAP ECC stands for Enterprise...

Maxicare: The Biggest HMO Provider in the Philippines Partners with Appcentric Solutions Inc.

The largest HMO provider in the Philippines. Maxicare, being one of the pioneers in the health maintenance organization (HMO) industry has been providing top notched services for individuals and...

Fully Booked Partners with Appcentric to Future-Proof their Organization

As a business who operates in a very competitive market, Fully Booked understands the importance of digitally transforming their organization. Especially today that the volume of information and...

Appcentric leads EasyDay Shop – Suy Sing Commercial Corporation Digital Transformation

Guided by consistently efficient processes and innovation, plus the relentless commitment towards giving the best value to customers, Suy Sing has evolved as the most trusted source for whole-sale...

CO Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. Partners with Appcentric for their SAP Integration

Recently, CO Ban Kiat started their digital transformation to better serve their existing and and future customers. This is inline with their corporate vision to become the largest network supplier of...

Why is technology important in running a business?

Technology is absolutely vital in managing an excellent business operation.

Technology Trends That Will Dominate Us Soon

You can simply look around and conclude how technology greatly advanced, changed and shaped our lives. As exciting as it sounds, these technological innovations could be very overwhelming for some.

Technology trends that are expected to make billions this year

Organizations today are rushing to invest on technology powered by cloud computing model, where the technology is being hosted in the vendor’s data center and supplied as a service over the...

Are you really ready to step into the future?

Let’s face it, nobody can predict how the future will turn out, but what’s exciting is we can make some intelligent guesses.

We Work Hard so Your Business Can Grow with Ease

Most might agree that digital transformation brings change and comes with challenges. Think about it, there is a world of digital opportunity available to many businesses that require support for they...

Start Planning Now: Some of SAP’s Technology Trends for the Future

SAP predicted that some of the technology trends that you are about to read in this article will certainly change the design of how you do your business in the future.

Learn the Logistics Functions in SAP Business Software

SAP, being the largest provider of business applications in the world delivers exceptional solutions that empower its customers to run their businesses at rapid speed. SAP is known for creating...

A Short and Simple Explanation of the Internet of Things

Businesses around the globe are talking about the Internet of Things. So if you haven’t heard of this progressively growing topic, it’s about time.

Here are some reasons why AppCentric Solutions Inc. bags SAP’s General Business Growth Award F.Y. 2016

AppCentric Solutions Inc., SAP’s Top Premier Value Added Partner in the Philippines has been transforming businesses over the past years since it started in various industries all over the world.

Appcentric sits down with LBC Philippines. Find out what they have to say about us.

LBC is the Philippines’ market leader in payments & remittance, documents & mail, parcels & boxes, and cargo & logistics. With a growing network of over 6,400 locations, partners, and agents in over...

Know how SAP HANA can drive your entire business from end-to-end

SAP provides the most modern suite of business applications that can allow your business to expand with ease and move with confidence.

The Anatomy of SAP ECC 6.0 explained

Did you know that the SAP ECC 6.0 functions similar to our body? It has parts that serve specific purposes like the feet is for moving, the hands are for controlling, and the eyes are for visibility.

SAP Business Intelligence can turn all your business data into game changing business decisions

SAP has managed to turn all your business data into game-changing business decisions. Whether you are the CEO or the line manager in a production plan, SAP Business Intelligence provides critical...

Metrostar Realty and Development Inc. (MRDI) now simply runs with SAP and Appcentric Solutions Inc.

Metrostar Realty and Development Inc. pushes to develop, market, and manage horizontal residential communities with the aim to become an eminent force in the Philippine real estate development...

Why isn’t your business in the cloud yet? Learn more about the Amazon Web Services (AWS)

How can you determine if you have the right enterprise solution for your business? Easy, your solution should be flexible and simple. Businesses over time learned that having the right set of IT...

Computer Telephony Integration: SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C)

In many companies today, exchange of data between office applications is a must. This is because isolated applications tend to delay work. When your solutions are integrated, it provides agent...

Create a Smart Warehouse with the Internet of Things (IoT)

Your business is composed of different links. It acts like a chain to sustain its strength and keep it relevant in the market. It makes sense that business managers are repeatedly monitoring and...

SAP Hybris C4C: Out with the old, in with the new

Businesses around the globe repeatedly deal with inapt processes. Decision makers often rely on unpredictable set of data that result in unclear business objectives, lost opportunities and worse,...

Internet of Things (IoT): Business possibilities are now endless. Literally.

Imagine running an interactive virtual grocery store in places like subway stations, bus stops, central parks, streets, with high foot traffic and frequented daily by tech-savvy commuters.

SAP S/4 HANA: Simple is good

You might agree that running a business could be very challenging, especially with the trends in the market today that are greatly complicating your daily life.

10 Important Statistics You Need To Know About Digital Transformation

The narrative behind Uber’s success is one of the greatest examples why businesses should adapt and embrace technology as it progresses.

Your customers are waiting to hear from you. What would you do?

Email marketing can make or in many ways break a business. The market today is very competitive and it is vital for your business to fulfill all your customer requirements if not upfront, fast.

We Have Organized All Your Business Communication Assets in One Place

Technology is rapidly growing and it has affected not just businesses, but their customers. Different applications have empowered consumers to customize how to start their buying process.

Business at Your Fingertips

Cloud for Customer (C4C) is a cloud-based solution made for businesses with sales, technical, and marketing operations. This technology can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Your Business Is Sleeping, Wake Up!

Business analysts all over the world are recommending companies in all industries the cloud computing approach. This technology is one of the best assets that your business might want to consider...