Augmented Reality: A New Way of Online Shopping

Augmented Reality: A New Way of Online Shopping

The rapid evolution of e-commerce has created a new sales channel for retailers giving brick and mortar stores a run for their money. With industries depending on technology and innovation, e-commerce companies have to be on the lookout for the latest advances that are going to shape the future of how business is done online.

One of these newest advances taking the business industry by storm is augmented reality (AR), a technology that is starting to have an impact on the e-commerce industry. Where the elements of the real and physical world are enhanced by computer-generated input, AR is used to provide shoppers with the ability to test and explore products in ways that are similar to the in-person shopping experience, helping businesses stand out from the competition.

In addition, AR adds digital imagery and data that supplements the real environment helping improve areas of the business such as logistics, boosting learning outcomes, facilitating collaboration among geographically dispersed and remote workers and making use of real-time data and analytics. This resource covers augmented reality applications and integration with Enterprise resource planning (ERP), a business process management software that allows a business to use a method of integrated applications, automating several back-office functions.

Take for example Converse, an American shoe company that primarily produces lifestyle brand footwear and apparel. The shoe brand launched an AR app for iPhone called The Sampler that allows users to virtually try on shoes. Simply by pointing the camera towards their right foot, the user can see what the shoe would look like in real life. This also helps to streamline the purchasing process, as customers have the opportunity to buy a pair of shoes they like directly via the app.

Although some may argue that the primary drawback to online shopping is that many of the sensory elements that customers use to make their purchasing decisions are often lost which leads to uncertainty and dissatisfaction, these pain points are constantly being addressed with augmented reality functioning as another method to serving clients and customers.

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