Are you really ready to step into the future?

Are you really ready to step into the future?

Let’s face it, nobody can predict how the future will turn out, but what’s exciting is we
can make some intelligent guesses. Forecasts for the technology that will define the
upcoming year have been released. Global technology leaders around the world
predicted the explosion of virtual reality and we all know it did happen. Now, we are all
eager to know what’s next.

Establishments will start relying on the powers of nature

Experts believe that big companies around the globe will start leading the way in
building solar-powered establishments that don’t heavily rely on fossil fuels and this
trend is expected to continue this 2017. Businesses are starting to realize the
importance of working with nature. A great example of this is a brick with bacteria that
can capture carbon dioxide. Another one is cooling systems that use free wind and the
heat from the sun.

Bots will play a huge part in business

Technology giants agree that business owners will eventually use artificial intelligence in
managing the logistics side of their businesses. Similar to the many companies who use
bots to handle their chat services. Entrepreneurs are expected to capitalize on using
bots to realize their visions. This is to help their businesses operate faster and more

Sensors will make your day easy breezy

Soon, your living rooms, retail stores, hospital bays will come embedded with sensors.
These sensors will pickup information on usage patterns at different times of day, in
different situations and environments, and different temperatures. Homes and offices
soon are expected not just to support your activities – they will participate.

Self-driving cars will get even smarter

At the moment, a number of cars could talk to one another and lessen the possibility of
crashing together. Tesla and Uber are pushing to build a driverless car industry and
experts believe that we are not far from having these autonomous vehicles roaming
around the streets of major cities soon. They believe that by having this technology we
can save us from ourselves and this could be a life-preserving move similar to having a
professional body guard.

Virtual reality is expected to be so immersive that we could rewire people’s brain

This technology is being used as a therapeutic technology for those people who want to
overcome their fears and PTSD. Experts suspect that this technology can also be used
for physical brain injuries. Scientists and engineers are already creating a virtual
environment for stroke patients that could cause the brain to re-wire themselves and re-
establish mobility in forgotten limbs.

Sounds will be reinvented

We have been relating with our computing devices for the last 30 years which
predominantly rely on imagery and visual cues but experts see a future where sounds
start to play a bigger role. For example, instead of manually controlling your device to
look for a recipe, you can openly articulate commands in your kitchen. There are
companies that are already helping people personalize their sonic experiences. They
say that consumers are being exposed to “screen fatigue” and now require a new type
of interfaces that extend beyond visual.

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