SAP Business Intelligence can turn all your business data into game changing business decisions

SAP Business Intelligence can turn all your business data into game-changing business decisions

SAP has managed to turn all your business data into game-changing business decisions. Whether you are the CEO or the line manager in a production plan, SAP Business Intelligence provides critical insight when and where it is needed. With the acquisition of business objects, SAP strengthened its information out strategy, allowing a streamline data to decisions approach. This enterprise suite consisting of many solutions work together to provide reports and analytics to business users. It also allows you to work with and visualize data in simple and practical ways. Whether it is data from SAP systems, non-SAP systems, databases or unstructured data, you can guarantee that you are getting the answers that you need. This can be done through dashboards and apps, self-service reports, or traditional enterprise reports.

This suite of solutions within business intelligence can be accessed in a number of different ways. Users can analyze on-the-go with mobile devices or access reports through a web browser among many other options for consuming the data. SAP has a strategic focus on business intelligence moving forward. As the leader for market share in business intelligence, SAP is continuously building its core competencies and unceasingly provide powerful and effective enterprise solutions that suits all level within a business no matter the size.

Creativity is its another interesting feature. Ease of use plus the stunning visualization of data is a main focus. On the other hand, mobility if not the trend, is the fastest growing priority today. SAP can provide real-time data that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Fulfilling the growing needs of users on-the-move. With new technologies collecting data and creating billions of records, big data is a growing concern for many businesses. It is important that businesses should be able to analyze data in real-time and also being able to predict business trends based on the analysis of past events.

SAP also aims to make business intelligence a social experience. Allowing business users to collaborate, leveraging colleagues, and business analytics to make the best decisions. There are many companies all around the globe who heavily rely on SAP’s Business Intelligence in different industries even some of the world’s best brands to make sure that their business is running at its best.

Here are some solutions that make up the SAP Business Intelligence Suite. Its dashboards provide a highly formatted interactive way for business users to keep a pulse on the performance of their business. Key performance indicators can be viewed consistently and in real-time. For self-service style reporting, this solution allows business users to interact with business terms to create reports based on their needs. With drop and drag functionality, detailed reports are built easily.

Without heavy reliance on IT for report creation, tasks that may have taken hours or even days are now completed in minuets. If you have ever received a cable bill or cellphone bill, chances are you have seen SAP’s enterprise reports. This provide information in pixel perfect format that stays static but the data is always up to date. These reports are often widely distributed internally and externally.

When business users are looking to dive in and play with their data, they can simply use the search and exploration tool. From billions of records down to the granular piece of data, users can slice and dice with great ease. SAP Provides data visualization that brings together the functionality of ad hoc reporting and the ease of exploration tool. It is an in-depth analysis tool with stunning visuals. It is simple to connect to any data source, gain insight, and share it with colleagues.

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