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Philippines being the 13th largest economy in Asia has a moving narrative that highlights its economic freedom in the coming years. One of its core priorities should emphasize its plea to provide a healthcare system to better the lives of its citizens around the archipelago. Technology plays a pivotal role in making this shift a reality specially to obtain a systematic patient management solution that can advance how health organizations interact with their patients. Empowering the current value of patient care, making ideal utilization of its assets, guaranteeing compliance with every single statutory prerequisite and remaining in front of the competition requires stable IT support. SAP Patient Management is the answer.

This focused solution provides a centralized patient management system which delivers the finest help for administrative procedures, opportune charging of hospital services, and effective cost control. It empowers you to respond quickly and productively to the ever-changing landscape and requirements of the healthcare industry.

SAP’s systematic patient management solution has a modular structure and is designed to meet your needs and demands. This platform with its far-reaching mix of central ERP components, such as, inventory management, financial accounting, and controlling can empower your workforce efficiently. SAP Patient Management gives persistent patient-oriented functions for the administrative management of inpatient and outpatient clients, essential medical documentation, patient billing, and in-house and external correspondence with, for cases, clinical subsystems and health insurers.

All patient-related information is stored centrally, guaranteeing quick access to data in any case whether you are at your workplace. Data redundancy will also be diminished, laying the groundwork for a safe and stable framework. The SAP system contains various parts that can be gathered and balanced as required. Learn the advantages.   Personalized, role-based working environments for user groups. Spot-on access to patient-related data and data maintenance as a part of medical and clinical processes in connection with other integrated clinical applications. Management of patient-related services as the basis for controlling and reporting. Future-proof, flexibly adaptable billing functions. Efficient business processes by means of integrated financial and materials planning (ERP system), such as for accounting, advance and additional payments, detailed controlling, material requisitioning and consumption documentation. Full integration into reporting across SAP. Support for e-health scenarios.

Appcentric Solutions Inc. constantly works with SAP and its clients in the healthcare industry that have enabled them to create enterprise-grade solutions that are highly flexible and customizable to adopt to your industry standards. Leading hospitals and healthcare providers locally and around the globe have adopted the SAP Patient Management Solution and are now enjoying its great benefits and you should too.

Appcentric’s customized approach to supporting SAP implementation projects enables companies to develop an organizational roadmap for its digital transformation journey. Talk to us today. Our hotline is +63 2 759 1510 or email

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