Analytics: Use Your Data as an Asset

Analytics: Use Your Data as an Asset

No matter what the industry is, businesses who use their data as an instrument to make relevant and intelligent business decisions are significantly outperforming their competitors in the market. These business leaders treat data as an asset rather than just a digit. They move and operate with confidence knowing that all their resolutions are scientific and will develop a sophisticated culture which sets a premium on action informed by analytically derived facts.

One of the greatest values that analytics has to offer is that it interrogates the data sets across the company, which can help organizations modify the way they operate and think about themselves. This implies a mature business service administration can analyze data across finance, IT, HR, procurement, sales and marketing, and operations, empowering a more comprehensive examination of the factors which have the most value on business execution.

Most of the time, business services organizations have a similar approach to governance, built by business process and aiding several business entities. This shows that they are well placed to decrease duplication of analytical effort, but also to promote great standards and excellent data quality across the enterprise.

Having the right technology is fundamental to obtain the major capabilities of analytics. This market is very saturated and finding a solution that fits your needs could be very time consuming and expensive. To have a full command and help you rationalize your investment, you need to consider the individual functions and business units which require access to data, reporting, and analytics. Your organization may also consider finding a technology partner who can help you plan and implement this solution. Managing investment in technology and data across business services while creating analytics as a service, is more likely to protect the overall asset of your organization. This is more cost effective, can also decrease technological complexity, and enable more powerful analytical capabilities.

Of course, what is a good technology without an expert. Organizations typically forget that it is as important to have a talent that can help you run and maximize the use of your newly acquired solution. Finding the right expert could also be expensive and options are usually limited. Globally, the labor market is short of some 350,000 data and analytics professionals. But locating analytics in business services creates the opportunity to recognize analytics as a distinct.

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