Address the Top Challenges of Today’s Logistics Providers with TrackCentric

Address the Top Challenges of Today’s Logistics Providers with TrackCentric

Today’s logistics and transportation customers demand flexibility and full visibility. What’s more challenging is customers are also increasingly demanding full transparency to their orders and inventory through the entire life-cycle of their purchase to sometimes reverse-logistics. Giving customers the flexibility and visibility that they want is difficult given that many logistics service providers must serve customers with operations that are spread out across the globe.

Logistics companies need a solution that can be tailored to address their needs and accommodate different industry standards. An ideal solution should also open new retail channels such as mobility to experience lesser footprint which will lead to faster production. Inserting analytics, which can produce live data that can be used to improve strategies and minimize the cost of operations to greater meet customer expectations and on-time delivery. Having a solution that provides real time data and full monitoring capabilities can help logistics companies to take their supply chain arm to greater heights.

Appcentric Solutions Inc. is the digital transformation leader in the Philippines who creates and customizes solutions for organizations to simplify and transform their day-to-day operations. Their recent innovation can provide logistics businesses with all the assets they need to digitize their entire logistics operation.

Introducing the TrackCentric. A real time GPS enabled delivery monitoring system that works on a mobile device and connects to the Trackcentric portal. This solution provides live information and notifications on the location of your trucks and the status of the deliveries inside the vehicles.  Imagine getting instant reports on the performance of your deliveries like expected delivery time and show which days they are quicker and more efficient. The planning of your deliveries can also be done using the TrackCentric portal which will provide your business with ease of use since you only need to access one portal and device.

This cloud based mobile solution also offers proof of delivery functions. You can now monitor the actual accepted and rejected number of deliveries that can be encoded on the application. This data can be interfaced back to your ERP system to trigger proper billing or any adjustments necessary.  This next generation technology can take a photo of the signed delivery document and signature which will automatically sync to your ERP system as proof of delivery and another advantage is you can easily integrate this application with your existing systems that comes with multi-language support.

TrackCentric can also be used offline. Data can still be gathered on the mobile device and synced as soon as data connection is available again. By having this solution, you and your customers can access shared data to monitor your deliveries and orders in real-time and experience analytics that provides useful data to improve your present and future operations.

Appcentric Solutions Inc. designed this solution to be deployed quickly and easily so your business partners and customers can experience a solution that conveniently monitors all your vehicles and captures proof of delivery from a single device. There’s almost no learning curve when you use TrackCentric. Talk to us today and see how this application can improve your workforce and business performance knowing that you have a reliable system that you can trust.

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