10 Important Statistics You Need To Know About Digital Transformation

10 Important Statistics You Need To Know About Digital Transformation

The narrative behind Uber’s success is one of the greatest examples why businesses should adapt and embrace technology as it progresses. This transportation company provides more than 8 million people in more than 70 countries around the globe the convenience to move places by simply using their mobile devices without owning a single car. Uber has also managed to provide more than 160,000 jobs plus an average number of 50,000 additional drivers monthly. This mobile app has also managed to provide 2 billion rides as of July 2016.

Companies like Uber are aware that we live in a world of digital transformation. 79% of customers are digitally connected, 53% are socially networked, and 59% are better informed than ever before. You could be losing a big portion of this market due to inability to adapt to change. We want to help your business by providing you with these interesting statistics on how you can improve the way you drive your business today.

1. 87% of companies feel that digital transformation is a competitive opportunity.

Since customers dictate how they want to do business with companies, it is fitting to leverage new tools to get ahead of your competitors. Digital transformation is now the new competitive battleground for businesses today.

2. Nearly 21% of global CEOs anticipate an increase in technology investment.

Aside from having enough manpower and effective marketing campaigns, your company should also start planning and incorporating the right set of technology in your business.

3. Midmarket leaders plan to increase use of digital channels by 45% to engage with customers.

It is evident by now that your business should have a strong online presence to continuously grow and attract new customers. This expansion could mean having to use different digital platforms that could be accessed using any mobile device.

4. 93% of marketers are now using social media for business.

If you’re not logged in on your Facebook account, you might be browsing other social media platforms searching for reviews and possibly your next big purchase. It is simple, you should be visible where your customers spend most of their time to establish consistent mindshare.

5. People who use phones and tablets to access the internet will outnumber those who use a PC.

System providers deliver more updates on mobile applications for customer convenience. People share different contents as it happen. This is one of the biggest reasons why providers are now heavily investing on the advancement of mobile devices.

6. 93% of companies cite that customer insight development is an important tool to prioritize in future decision making processes.

Modern applications can predict and recommend actions based on past business transactions. Business leaders believe that this is an important asset to increase the effectiveness of a product or service.

7. 9 out of 10 CMOs say social data has influenced customer decisions.

Having a strong online presence should come with an excellent online reputation. Customer feedback is one of the key factors in attracting other potential clients.

8. 65% of midmarket leaders report that the lack of cohesive social media plan is the biggest barrier to doing more in the digital space.

Consistency is the key to having an outstanding online presence. The fluidity of content that you provide about your products and services greatly affect the buying behavior of your present and future customers.

9. 2 out of 3 employers believe they should be able to access information 24/7, using company issued devices.

In a fast-paced market, businesses should be able to respond fast and effectively to customer requests. Since there are so many entities that offer the same product and service, it is very practical to have access to your platform anytime of the day.

10. 82% of companies save money when they move to the cloud.

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